Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Mommy Wars

Surfing around the blogosphere this morning I came across this post: "11 Reasons Why Working Mothers Can't Stand Housewives" . These include:

1. They have nothing to talk about but their kids. I'm tired of hearing about your stupid kids. Get a life and have something else to talk about.

8. They claim to be doing society a favor by breeding, but we all know it's an inherently selfish endeavor. News flash - raising your brats is not a favor to me!

9. They take their toddler along to the older child's ballet lesson, then completely ignore him as he proceeds to scream, whine, disrupt the class, and generally appear to be wasting away from lack of truly involved interaction

Wow! I know nothing about this woman, but this post is super bitchy!

Someone posted a great comment in response and made her own list:

I'm not sure who wrote this, but I find this very offensive. I happen to be a black at-home mom, and I find just as offended as I would if I saw a post, "11 reasons why white people can't stand black people." I can't believe the stereotypes and lack of respect at-homes get. [...]So I made up a list of my own:

1. Employed mothers talk about their boring jobs all the time. They really believe that juggling numbers for the benefit of their boss is fascinating.

2. Employed mothers look down on at-home moms.

3. Employed moms will call you when their kid is too sick to go to daycare, and then insult you by saying how much better their lives are by being employed.

4. Employed mothers don't understand that many at-home moms are intelligent women who find full-time caregiving interesting, important work.


Well I'm not a mother yet, and I don't plan on being one for another 8-10 years. George and I have talked about this situation, and we agree that one parent has to stay home until they are in school. It doesn't matter to me if it's myself or him. It will depend on our employment situation.

The child-care debate is active in our society right now. I firmly believe that the government should not be responsible in providing care for your children. If you have children, YOU should raise them. Plain and simple.

I am so thankful for my mom staying home with us. She paid the price, she's worked full time jobs but can't go as far, or doesn't make as much as the men in her office, because she hasn't had the experience or 'time in'.

Therefore, I get really frustrated when the stat of women only make $0.75 of every man's $1.00 is used. The statistic is misleading. Unfortunately it is used so often, that people think it's true. I think I might write a post in dismantling this stat. Stay tuned.


Blogger SUZANNE said...

Obviously these working mothers mustn't know too many blogging stay-at-home moms such as myself who keep abreast of current affairs. I hate the stereotype that stay-at-home moms stay home because they're stupid and uneducated. Maybe the author should get out a little more.

And yes, having kids is a favour to you, especially if you benefit from social programs because these kids will produce the taxes that go to pay for them.

Thu Jun 01, 10:00:00 PM EDT  

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